Fear and Doubt
The mercy and grace of our Lord does not waver under any circumstance. Is the presence of the soul not sufficient evidence of this? If not, then what exactly would be good enough proof to satisfy the ego? Does not the story of Jesus Christ clearly point out that we are both human and divine? How easy is it to miss this message and what are the consequences? The ego’s definition of God and self as separate has probably done more damage than good. Feelings of deficiency make it harder to experience the unlimited value of the soul. Even the tiniest amount of doubt or fear spoils the chance for us to experience its never-ending richness. The soul is made up of the very substance of God. No matter how one cuts the deck, there is a presence of divinity inside each and every one of us. It is the very fabric of reality, expressed at all times and in all places at once. Feeling anything less suggests that we have some work to do. We can start by questioning why we do not give ourselves permission to know and feel our worth. Reaching for anything outside of the soul for comfort, safety or pleasure is reaching for something that is not really there. Perhaps we can do our part to solve the world’s problems by unifying with the soul. Why wouldn’t this be possible? Are we tricked into doubting the undoubtable? Falling victim to fear and doubt becomes especially apparent when our life circumstances are not up to par in comparison to certain standards. Deriving our sense of value from the health of our financial lives, the condition of our relationships, the progressive stages of our career path, how well we practice being a Catholic, how closely we follow the commandments or the level of our knowledge of the scriptures is not the way to go. The danger is that the standards and ideals are measured on an unsteady balance beam. One minute we’re up and the next we are down. The parts when we’re up are fun but not so much when we’re down. Wavering conflicts with the part of us that is naturally steady. What is that part of us? How many ways can one be made to doubt this steadying force? What is the one thing that has the ability to counter our fears? Why is it that when something else becomes more important than staying connected with the soul we experience feelings of persistent lack? Is it the reality of the soul that has the power to wipe away our fears and doubts or is it something else? Know that heaven rejoices and creation begins to unfold in our favor when we recognize the soul as our ultimate identity. We then have the opportunity to experience a higher meaning to the story of Jesus Christ whom they called Emmanuel. We have to be willing to give ourselves permission to explore and make mistakes in order to know from first-hand experience that our divinity overpowers any inkling of fear and doubt with steadfast certainty.