fear not the voice in your head

I am currently 263 pages into just under 400.   this taste is for everyone.  I will have another post of this week's work up later in the week for my patrons.  I love you guys.  thank you for your patience and your support.  

friendship and wordy words - thefatherphil


Free Dave says, “there was a voice in my head sayin’ that that cow

thing was my brother and that we needed to kill you guys and run off

together.  I told it to quit talking nonsense and if it had anything

to say to me that it could talk to me with its mouth and not in this

crazy brain speak.  But it wouldn’t listen.  I got so confused and

almost scared, but I don’t get scared.  I listen to the Beagles, and

the Beagles sing about not givin into fear.  The Beagles cured me of

being weak.  I told the zombie to stay outta my head and to make

it’s peace with whatever god it was fond of.  I planned to kill it

before you ladies got in the way.  Lucky you didn’t get your pretty

little heads hurt something awful.”

<<you and Star half listen, and half go into your own little worlds.  

the two of you have a semi-private discussion in the cab of the

truck.  Free Dave prattles on oblivious to the fact that he lost his



thats all for the cheap seats, insert $ for more zombie goodness.

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