Fear Of Reactions

 (One of my first ever Youtube videos and I've grown so much in confidence since this.)

Hi everyone. My name is Day Day and I have 2 small YouTube channels. The first one is called Fear Of Reactions (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBM2D1-e3DhStnDypyP4FKw) where I react to your favorite musicians and various acts. From dancing and singing to funny and emotional. Whatever you request I will react to. The other channel is called Fear Of ReactionsTV 2.0 (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHSHVVVPK1tpuAHoRh7RUyg) where I react to your favorite television shows. I don't watch a lot of tv so that can be a very good thing. It leaves my options open to start reacting to any series that's requested for me.

I wanted to start YouTube to break out of my shyness I guess, lol. I always felt a little awkward and wanted to feel comfortable around other people. Even those that I was close to the most. I loved watching YouTube videos and always wondered if I would ever be brave enough to be able to do something like that. One day I just said I am going to do it, and I did. It was the day before my birthday (June 1) this year.  No matter what people had to say or think. I was doing this for me. I thought, if I can make a video to be viewed around the world then it should be easy for me to be myself around others. I was so nervous at first but with the response, I received back from viewers I was pleased and shocked. The one issue I had with myself was the way I talk and people liked it. People saw me and I felt all the positivity they were giving me. So it pushed me to continue not just because I wanted to do it for me but I had people requesting things for ME to react to. People telling me they liked my voice, my smile, they liked ME. That gave me confidence. I recently watched my first couple videos and I see huge improvements today in everything. All the thanks go to God, my family and you. Thank you so much for your encouraging words on every video. It's the reason why I do it. So if you would like to support the channel, please contribute whatever you can. I would appreciate it. Thank you and the journey still continues.....