Fear the Reaper - a unit comparison
Sometimes, in a Warhammer 40k army some units perform a similar role, but can be used differently within the army. This is a comparison between the reaper (a forgeworld dark Eldar vehicle) and the basic ravager. My conversion for a reaper is shown above. Link to the forgeworld one: https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-CA/Dark-Eldar-Reaper . Let's start with the reaver. It is a heavy support in any dark Eldar army and sports a "storm vortex projector" , this is like a super haywire cannon. And it can be fired in both a focussed beam and a dispersed blast form. The beam is a 36" one shot weapon, strength 7 and ap3. With the haywire and concussive special rules. Where this weapon shines is a rule called "kill shock" on a roll to wound of a 5+this weapon inflicts instant death and against vehicles this weapon will inflict D3 haywire rolls rather than just one! Although it's only a one shot weapon the value of this is quite good. Taking out a rhino or light tank in one shot a lot more reliably than your average lance pen. One in three rather than one in 6. And against the more prevailing gargantuans like the wraith knight the instant death when wounding them can really help bring these large beasts down. The blast version is 24" range, large blast and is str 5 ap4, with concussive and haywire. Great in a pinch against hordes making it more versatile in its role than your normal ravagers. Biggest thing will be that if is forced to jink, the power goes way down. The ravager on the other hand will be seen in one variant, the triple lance... Clocks in at ten points cheaper with this load out than the reaper and has three lances str8 ap2 weapons. It is very focussed to an anti tank role and has been seen on many a battlefield. To be honest not as point effective as they used to be. But still quite good, scaring anything that is t4 or lower with instant death, like wulfen and other nasties. The ap2 also makes them great against those pesky characters that try to soak up wounds at the front of a unit. Both these tanks come on the heavier raider chassy with av 11 on front and side and lowly 10 in the rear. They are both fast skimmers. The ravager can only fire all guns if it moved 6" and the reaper can move 12" and fire it's one gun unhindered. The reaper comes with an enhanced sail stock, this means that it will move faster if it needs to boost. As for upgrades, any work for both tanks, needless to say I don't like spending any points on random upgrades as it makes a paper plane more expensive and they die just as quickly. Personally I love the versatility of the reaper, and it is finding itself into more of my lists because of its ability to also deal with infantry. The scourge with haywires are my go to anti tank now they beat out the triple lance ravager in almost every list... One scourge unit and one reaper (255 pts) now over the two triple lance ravagers (250). What are your thoughts? Thanks for reading! If you would like to support skaredcast, become a patron today. Content will always be free, get some cool rewards! Cheers - skari out.
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