Feather Art in a Popup Camper! :D

I am learning to use my new little tripod, so that I can take pics like the one above, with BOTH of my hands at work, lol!  

People may CALL me a "techie" but only nature truly comes natural to me... I honestly struggle with each and every one of the dozen-plus Adobe CC apps I practice and use each week, including everyone's favorite, Photoshop, which I only started using last year.  Before that, I was using an outdated version of Corel Painter (8)! 

Yeah, I may struggle, but I ADORE every single one of the CC apps!!  I get excited, thinking of all the things I want to do and to make...

I also adore this pic, a snapshot of today, Easter weekend, making feather art in the little popup camper that my Mate and I (us "homeless nomads") live in.  That's him dozing on the far bed... and his killer Texas flag Durango boots in the middle ground... Love 'em!

Ok, so here's the sum total of my supplies... cheap feathers, cheap crimps, plus a pair of ordinary needlenose pliers.  Nothing fancy here, everybody can do this little art project!

And here's a few pics of the finished results... for today... until I decide what to make with the little feather clusters... jewelry?  mandalas?  Well, it was good practice, and there's No Wrong Art, right?!  :O>

Just for fun, here's a peek inside my little mobile art box... perfect size for living in a popup camper, lol.  I strung and hung the feather clusters, waiting to decide what to make with them...

You can see the pics larger... and read my comments about each one... on my Facebook page, in my regular photos.

BTW, this project is for the Kindle-book-in-progress on Making and Using Feathers.  Next I need to use those nifty paints there (they are actually Inktense pencil samples) to PAINT some feathers...