Featured Artist & Calendar

I am excited to announce Female Fighter Project's first official commissioned guest artist Melisa Spence will be sharing her gallery of glorious ladies of Hoodslam wrestling scheduled for release 11/15! If you like her work and want to support having more featured artist, please share with your friends and invite them to join the Patreon.

Also, holidays are almost upon us and if you need to pick us some gifts for your favorite peeps, consider grabbing the Female Fighter Project Calendar. 

I still have a video updated plan but need to set some time aside for the very delicate disassemble of my Zeiss 80mm lens on the Hassleblad that has been jamming and preventing me from shooting with it. Wish me luck and courage on this one.

Lastly, I am super proud to announce that I have been asked to be an instructor for the next Bay Area Girls in Gis event December 10th at Evolve gym in South San Francisco.