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Feb 10th-20th 2016 - Term 2
OK, So what's been going on behind the scenes this month?

Cosplay. A lot of cosplay. I have actually done a number of "History of" videos this month as well, the biggest one being on the "DC Fans" channel. But I want to do more cosplay content. I really do feel a pull towards being a cosplayer who also does comic book content, as opposed to where I stand at the moment, which is more of a comic book YouTuber, who also happens to be a cosplayer. 

I've been working at upping my skills enough to make at least one cosplay video a week, I actually filmed a Klarion The Witch Boy makeup tutorial, I'm also doing a full Noh-Varr tutorial, from makeup, to costume, to hair, everything! 

I really do feel like going in this direction, along with comic book content, is the right way for me, Benny has kinda taken over the comic book scene, which is so good for him!! But being in somebodies shadow is not where I want to be, and I doubt its where you guys want me to be either, so please be patient with me, while I figure out the best plan of attack for this transition (or if you have any suggestions, please let me know!!). 

On a side note, I'm going to be at Wondercon in Los Angeles next month, I'll be busy the Saturday, but if you see me on the Sunday, please come up to me and say Hi!! I'll take a selfie in my cosplay on the morning of the convention! 

As always, thank you guys for your on going support, it really does mean a lot to me!! I'm happy you seem to like me experimenting a bit more, which is something I love doing!! 

Final thoughts on this month coming on the 29th!! 

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