FEB 2017 - drawing log
wow... had many complications uploading this one...! q w q;; I couldn't manage to put the img preview on this one, but here is the listing of what you'll find on the "rar" file:
  • CM - boyfriend is best pillow (2xPSD. 4x versions. sketch. base colors)
  • CM - icon amaranthine (2xPSD.final)
  • CM - icon cass (2xPSD. final)
  • CM - melancholy (1xPSD. sketch. lineart. final)
  • CM - nokino (1x PSD. colored skecth. final)
  • CM - that's why dogs dislikes vet (2x PSD. sketch. final)
  • J A C K P O T (PSD file. colored sketch. final)
  • unposted (3x doodles. 1x unposted flat colors)

Hope you enjoy, regardless!

- cheers, stay kawaii