I've finished the images for Chapter 1 of the Whisp novel!

My goals for Feb will be to finish the images for Chapt 2 and make both chapters available to the general public (so you can see what you're in for and get a general feeling of the world and story). Subsequent chapters will be available to patreons where I will be appreciatively awaiting your feedback!

Speaking of Patreons - ill be putting up exclusive behind the scenes stuff for you early this month. They will include...

1) The design process for 2 of my Characters - Rhue and Vint

2) The process of how I put these images together - from 3d block outs to the illustrative paintover.

3) The world Map

4) Early concept art - from character designs to the original game idea from 10 years ago

Thanks for checking out my page and hope you stick around!