Febreuary content
Long story short:No new Alfie pages in Febreuary (and first week of March probably). Imma do CYOA's and single images instead. Explaination below:

You've probably noticed the lack of content lately! That's because I've just bought that apartment I've mentioned before. An apartment that needs to be lightly renovated and furnished. Which takes up a lot more of my time and energy than I anticipated. Next couple of weeks I'll be trying to get it livable, since I have to move into it by the end of febreuary. Which is even more time I can't spend drawing.

I thought I could work on that and keep Alfie updated but that's just not going to be possible.  Last week since I got the keys I've tried to spend my free time working on the script and designs for Alfie but it's not working for me. It's very frustrating but I can't focus on a long term project like Alfie right now. 

I think I can handle a smaller, more flexible project right now. Like a short CYOA, or a couple of single images. I can work on them around my other responsibilities much easier. I am really sorry to be extending the break between Alfie chapters, but I have to do it this time.

So for the next month this patreon is going back to random porn. I'll set up something like a CYOA or a vote, or a raffle tomorrow. You could let me know if you'd rather have a CYOA or random pics or whatever. I am open to suggestions.

Let me know what you think! I'll understand anybody who skips this month's pledge.