February 16th Update
 Hello, everyone! It’s been a bit of time, and I apologize. Sickness got in the way, and while I’m still getting over it, I’m feeling much better.  In my time back, I’ve managed to get the turn timer up and running, which you’re all familiar with.  I have also gotten a page auto refresh working, which will, obviously, automatically refresh your page, both if the counter hits zero OR if all users have made an action.  Balance work has also been touched on in regards to the new battle formula.  Using basic attacks only, I’ve gotten tai, nin, gen, and buki on equal footing, which paves the way for easier balancing in all other aspects.  I’ve responded to a few bug reports on the main site in my time back, but am currently focusing on the end of combat screen, as well as updated user information after a battle. 
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