February '17 News #2 - Pengcast

Hey everyone! If you read my February News #1, you'd know that I'm planning to repurpose Penguimation Show to a pocast format. This format will be called Pengast! I'm planning to talk about a topic each week (anime, games, animating, anything else that interests me) with a speed-draw in the background. The first topic will be Fate/Stay Night! If you're unfamiliar with the series it might not interest you, but if you're curious about my opinions on it anyway, please make sure to check it out!

Ask Frigid Drift #3

AFD#3 is being worked on at a great pace! It's nearly complete and it hasn't even been 2 weeks since AFD#2 released! Since the show is on a schedule to keep me on pace, I'll begin working more on Frigid & Friends and Mysolia once this episode is finished.

Pengi RPG v.0.4

With a new week comes a new Pengi RPG patch! Below is a summary of the new updates as well as a link to the full patch notes posts:

  • v.0.4 Hotfix
    Daylight works properly, automatic donations, starting coins set to total donations from past 30 days
  • v.0.4  - Walking
    Walking added to disperse enemies, shop item price reductions, new shop item "Bait" (!bait). Background changes based on the amount of time streaming to appear as morning at the beginning and nightime at the end.
  • v.0.3.2 - Enemy Counter
    Enemy counter added to provide a per-stream goal
  • v.0.3 - Classes
    Classes introduced to provide obstacles for the chat to help Pengi overcome. Certain enemies added that can only be defeated by certain classes. Thief class grants x2 coins per enemy. Sound effects added to chests and "Smite"
  • v.0.2.2 - Chat Commands
    "Boost" (!boost) and "Smite" (!smite) items added. Snoclops and chest random encounters added.
  • v.0.1 - Viewer Power
    First version of the game: VP (Viewer Power) added. VP is the current number of viewers watching the stream, which is how much damage Pengi deals per attack.
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