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Patrons who pledge this amount get TEXTS FROM THE FUTURE. Read every Texts from Superheroes post a day early and then tell all of your friends that you already saw that joke yesterday.
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Get TEXTS FROM THE FUTURE as well as access to our SECRET FEED which includes Behind the Scenes, Outtakes, Drafts, and basically everything involved in our creative process.
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You get all of the great stuff, TEXTS FROM THE FUTURE, SECRET FEED, PATRON EXCLUSIVE TALK FROM SUPERHEROES, and CREATOR ACCESS plus we’ll mail you a PERSONALIZED AUTOGRAPHED SCRIPT OR COMIC. We'll mail you one signed shooting copy of a sketch script or signed print when you sign up at this level. Ships internationally (Standard Shipping).
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You see all. You get access to everything, TEXTS FROM THE FUTURE, SECRET FEED, PATRON EXCLUSIVE TALK FROM SUPERHEROES, CREATOR ACCESS, and PERSONALIZED AUTOGRAPHED SCRIPT OR COMIC plus a chance to CHOOSE THE CHARACTER(S) that appear in a Texts From Superheroes post. Just tell us your favourite character(s) and we’ll do the rest. You’ll also get a SPECIAL PERSONAL THANK YOU monthly on an episode of the Talk From Superheroes podcast.
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