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Honestly, I don't like this idea of having special content only for people who can afford it. 

I put pretty much everything out there for free because me. 

So, support me if you can.  



Because AI for Cats
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I dunno. This is one of my pet ideas. I don't expect to ever be able to do it unless we get Google big. 

Also a good choice to pick to show your support for animal uplift. 

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Less than a pack of smokes to support me while I light the patriarchy on fire. 
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Because you like me.
Because Sci-Fi Tech-Church
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I dunno. It could be a thing outside of an Asimov novel. Sure would make it easier to do self directed medical research. #transhumanism #grinder
Say Thanks! for Writing
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Maybe I don't have to be a starving writer, yeah?
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This might just encourage a new art spurt.
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Show me you believe in me. 
Seriously, Let's Start a Company!
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I have no idea what I'm doing. But I know money will get me the people that do. And the ones I want shouldn't come cheap. 
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