February 2017 Activity
It's March already? What happened? Where'd the time go? Felt like the other day was just Christmas... So little time to get things done around here, but it's that time again for a quick rundown on my activities during the month that was Februrary.

Finished Plugins

  • Screen Zoom
  • Prize Wheel
  • Past Encounters


  • Message Background - v.1.9 - fixed bugs with image not showing in battle
  • Timed Message Popups - v.1.7 - hid message popups when battle starts or menu opens
  • Quest Log - v.1.2 - Added ability to hide/remove quest categories during game
  • Map Projectiles - v.1.5 - bug fixes
  • New Item Indication - v.1.1 - bug fixes

Other Work:

  • Updated my local demos with MV version 1.3.5 files and tested them to make sure plugins still worked
  • Work on a custom visual crafting plugin... hopefully next month release!
  • Responding to support questions, site updates, posting plugins

I've been working on a crafting system as I mentioned above which as been a lot more complicated than I thought when I started writing it. I want it to be able to be set up to combine items into completely unique ones. So far it's been a challenge and I haven't even arrived at that particular part of the code. But hopefully it will turn into something of interest to you guys.

Stay cool everyone and good luck with your projects!

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