February 2017 News: Game; The World of Wishes Progress, Tuition
Hi everybody!

There's something I would like to discuss with you.  (And sorry that the post is quite long ^^;;; )

Capybara Game

Do you remember the gif of the painting of the capybara I posted at the end of summer? The capybara has a story and world behind him, it was published as a book in Czech in 2011 (or so). 

For a long time I was wondering how to make the story accessible for people in the world (I'm not capable of translating it) and thought about making a remake as a comic, but couldn't decide whether to go for vertical or book format, eventually ending up considering an interactive comic.

After much researching and discussing with my colleagues (who know about games way more than me), the idea of an adventure game seems to best fit my idea. This way I'd be able to paint all parts of the world without having to write much.

But programming the game would be impossible for me. My colleagues told me about free engines that one can use for their games, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to solve bugs that may crop up, so I decided it would be best to hire someone for the programming. I would also like the programmer would be somewhat of a mentor to me since I don't know much about games (in truth, except teris and such I've never played any game >_<;; )

I've been drawing some concepts, one of which you can see in this post. It's about animals that live in a world of nature with some supernatural and magic. The main hero, the capybara sets out for a journey to "acquire wings" to save his friend caiman, because he believes that "wings can solve everything", as his favorite hero from myths, the flying capybara, could. His travelling companion is a blue parrot.

Would this be interesting for you? Should I try to promote this patreon goal so that we could hire the programmer? It's kind of my dream to make it, though I won't most likely be able to work on it much until after I finish my diploma thesis in summer.

I would like to hear you thoughts on it.

The World of Wishes CH4 Progress

As you know, I've been very busy with my full-time job and studies, but The making of Chapter 4 is going slow but steady. All pages are sketched at full res, with panels and bubbles, lettered and color-scripted, except a scene near the beginning which I am still in the process of redoing to make the side characters more interesting. Thank you for the patience!


I would also like to thank you for helping me out with the tuition fees for my study course, it should cover about 52% for now!

Have a great day,