February 2018 - Rewards
This month I have a new original photoset for you: I created a personal cat version since it's one of my favorite animal <3

Cat rewards:
- photoset preview (early access for 1 month or more)
- photoset selfies
- fansign - a photo of me with your name on a piece of paper
- unique polaroids
- backstage video
- wallpaper

In addition:
- access to all previous early access contents from other set

Then the "classic" rewards:
- Signed prints
- Gift box
- Skype chat - group (from 10$) and private video (from 100$)
- Telegram group (info here)
- Know my next projects before anyone else

Irish Gerry 

Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
Level 1
$1 or more per month
You can support me with 1$ or more. Select it and write the $ you want to pledge!
This tier has no rewards, it's just for who wants to support me without asking something back.
$500 or more per month
 ~ Contact me before to pledge please ~ 

I should agree your proposal first 

Pick a cosplay for me!

You can choose a costume we both like and I’ll order it from a good cosplay shop or a seamstress or I'll make it by myself.
Costume value: 400€ for a complete costume - I mean dress, wig, lenses, shoes, props.

You will have: 

► Thank you handwritten letter 

► 1 Polaroids

► 1 Fansign  

► First social network post about the cosplay with your name as credit

NOTE: please understand I have to order items online, this can take more than a month! Then I need to create the outfit and organise a photoset + wait for the edited photos. I’ll keep you informed of everything, just be patient please! Of course you just need to pledge once even if it will take more time!

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