February Calendar!
THORNWOODERS!  It is here!  Our full calendar for G4G for February!  We have ALOT of stuff going on this month over at twitch.tv/geeks4good , as you can clearly see, and I can't wait to get started on all the awesome content we have coming up!!!

Our highlights are our two weekly tabletop RPGs.

The first is going to be Shadowrun: SINs not Tradgedies, a political espionage game in the 6th world run by William Bednar who you'll remember from both WATCHWORD and Sammamish High and will feature a mess of new gamers to our stream!  

  • Alicia Rodis; Stuntwoman and Fight Director Extrodinaire.
  • Malloree Hill; local photographer and known badass. 
  • Lisa Kopitsky; Actor and Rennessiance Fair stage fighter.
  • Brittany N. Williams, local Actor, and Staff Writer over at Black Nerd Problems!

The seccond will be a playthrough of the classic Lady Blackbird, a swashbuckling steampunk adventure in the wild blue run by Leah Caddigan who is a local witch, Director and theatre creator!  The game will feature: 

  • Charis Swartley; actor, and VR tech who you'll remember from WATCHWORD  last month.
  • Helena Anderson; Actor, Anime Protagonist, and Llama lover.
  • Cristina "Cha" Ramos; Fight Director, Actress, and Writer!

In addition we'll feature a single monthly game of both Shadowrun: Sammamish High, and STAR WARS: WATCHWORD which will feature mostly the same cast members with a few additions and reductions depending on availability!

And we are adding a mess of video game streaming this month!  We are gonna be streaming 3 games which either were created with women high up in the development chain, or feature strong or well rounded female characters as the protagonist!

We here at Geeks4Good cannot wait for you all to join us for a wonderful month of fun and activism as we raise money for Planned Parenthood NY.  Thank you for your patronage!  Let's do some GOOD!