February announcements
As Patreon processes your pledges we are getting your rewards ready to go out the door! For those of you who will be receiving a photo gift, it is going to take a bit longer for those to arrive as we do not place the order until the end of the month, but we're super excited for you to recieve them! Part 2 of our con vlog will be up this week, which means you'll be getting early access to it sometime between today and tomorrow. Also stay tuned for any Etsy coupon codes as Chloe gets her shop prepped for this coming month. And finally, Chloe will be working on the costume work logs for Widowmaker and Mccree so you can finally see we she accomplished them.

We're on an Overwatch binge now so while we have other cosplans for the next few months, there's a big chance you're going to see more heroes come to life!

 We're so excited to share all of our adventures with you and are super excited to have you here with us! Have a wonderful February <3