February 7th Update
Evening everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed the game today.  If you're not football fans then I hope you weren't too annoyed using the internet today!

Pretty solid week this week!  Traffic on some of the days was solid, while less than awesome on others.  More importantly though, we put out some great articles this week!  Personal favorites of mine included Gary's thoughts on Peter Molyneux, the Year End data analysis from Marcus, our coverage on some upcoming Kickstarter campaigns, Josh's piece on the bad communication on the part of the Omori developer, and Georgi's article on Darkest Dungeon. But those are just a few, and it was a pleasure to publish everything we put out this week!  If you didn't read the site this week, I encourage you to go back and reason some content!

We've got some great articles on deck for the coming week, including a new Kickstarter MIA piece, a look at the Square Enix Collective, a couple interviews, and more.

In the past few updates I've been talking about the Kickstarter data that I'm in the process of gathering.  Great news, it's done!  Nearly 8,000 projects worth of Kickstarter campaign data and all of their reward tier info.  It's pretty exciting honestly, as I've struggled for the past couple years to have a sustainable system for data collection and distribution.  All that's left now is to upload it to the site work out a simple way to make it available to people (for free of course), and put together a post about it.  Look for more stories relating to numbers in the coming months!

Also, we have a new addition to the team!  Joanna Mueller.  She's got some great experience, including working as a community manager at Destructoid.  Which reminds me, looks like the conversation in the Quest documentary discussion is finally dying down, thank god.