February: Fatphobia and the intersection with (anti-) blackness.

BMI, for the most part, is used as an indicator of health. Fatphobia(the hatred of fat people) manifests itself in several ways. One of those ways is people feeling entitled to tell fat people that they don't deserve to eat (as much). People stare, offer unsolicited advice and reprimand fat people. People believe that fat people aren't deserving of healthcare because "they made themselves sick." It's all disguised as a concern for their health. And the body-mass index (apparently a measure of the correct weight for one's height) is regularly quoted. Below are ten reasons why it is a bogus measure and certainly why it isn't a justification for fatphobia. 


A paper that examines the link between chronic stress and racial inequalities in weight through the lens of cultural racism. Below: 


An exploration of the term thicc and why it's only used on people(women) we deem conventionally attractive and desirable. And how that plays right into fatphobia: the underlying presumption that fat people aren't attractive or desirable and why we feel the need to make a distinction when people we find attractive are a little fat. 


"The solution doesn’t have to be a complicated one, however. For those of you who are raising fat Black boys, be sure to share with them how beautiful they are, always. That weight loss is not a requirement for them to be beautiful. That their body is not an extension of their beauty but is, instead, central to their beauty. That they can be as sexual as they want, but their bodies don’t have to endure being hyper-sexualized by anyone. That abuse of their bodies—through medicine, sex, religion, and other institutions—is not something you tolerate."

Because we don't talk enough about desirability for fat black boys. More below: 


Because fatness isn't all about tragedy and why fat girls deserve better representation than Kate in This Is US. Read more below: 


Life as experienced by a fat black femme: 


Suggested reading: Heavy by Kiese Laymon. Below are reviews: 




Don't say you feel fat if what you really mean is you feel insecure or, having one of those where you don't feel very comfortable in your skin. Unlearn your fatphobia. 

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