February Art for Bronze+ Supporters!
Hello everyone!  So as I mentioned in earlier posts, the rewards for Bronze (and higher) patrons have changed a little.  So here's the deal: if you are supporting me at the BRONZE TIER or higher (that is, if you have pledged $10 or more per month), you may select one of the poses above for a YCH of your character, which will be completed by the next billing cycle.  These are February's poses, and they are a part of your reward for supporting me in January.

To claim one of these, you may COMMENT HERE on this post, or you may message me elsewhere, and let me know which one of these you want.  You need to do this BEFORE THE 20th, so I have time to complete all of them.  If you choose option 4, you'll get a $15 voucher as before, which you may use when I open for commissions (which I will most likely do next week!).

THIS PART RIGHT HERE IS SUPER IMPORTANT: If you want one of these or a voucher, you HAVE TO CLAIM IT.  I'm not going to assume what you want or chase you down.  If you don't comment here or otherwise message me before the 20th, I'll simply assume that you are deferring your reward for the month.

And finally, to answer a question that has been asked of me, if you have existing vouchers and want to use them to get one of these (i.e. on top of what you already get as your reward), here's how it will work.  For now, I'm NOT allowing vouchers to be redeemed on these poses, BUT if I get all of them done and still have time to do more, I will post an announcement opening them back up.  (That is, I'm going to do all of the standard ones first, and if there's still time at the end of the month, THEN I will take vouchers to do more of them.)

Again, this reward is for those of you who've pledged $10 or more per month!  If you're not in that category and would like to be, feel free to add/increase your pledge, and I'll give you one of these too.  I've changed my Patreon settings to charge patrons up-front due to a rash of fraud that affected me and several other creators this month - and one benefit of that is that an increase or added pledge is processed immediately :)

Feel free to notify me with any questions, and thank you so much for your support!