February first submission
Hey. So this one ended up being a major fan fiction work. I'm currently enrolled in a roleplaying game with some blokes on the internet and decided to write up our first session (well part of it, the party's not all together yet). Since I used your time here to do it, I decided to submit it. It's going to be free, since I don't want to try and make money off fan fiction, and in return for your magnamity at understanding that one of this month's submission is free, I'll make sure to write something extra next month (probably a bonus flash fiction, something that doesn't take me a day). Also I'll see if my fellow RPers want me to continue, and if they do I'll post the occasional submission of that work here again. Sometimes it will be a bonus, sometimes it won't, depending on how much work it actually takes. 4+ hours and it will probably be a main post, otherwise a bonus.

It's called "A Series of Meetings" 

I hope you enjoy.