February in retrospective
February was a very productive month, but in only in certain categories. Or category, if we'd be more precise - pretty much the whole of the month was spent working on BiteSizeWars. BiteSizeWars is a mini-RTS that I'm doing programming for, the game is currently going through Steam Greenlight, http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=388795206 and hopefully going to be approved in the near future (also hopefully going to provide some copies to the patrons once it's there). So at first I was working on polishing the game for the Greenlight trailer, then fixing and adding some things based on feedback, then working on the level editor, a post about which you can see here [ http://steamcommunity.com/groups/bitesizewars#announcements/detail/234522443516734267 ], then working on client-server architecture... these are all interesting technical challenges. But also time-consuming. Sometime through that I was able to finally get my controls configuration system (which is shared between multiple of projects) to not look miserably on low resolutions, https://twitter.com/YellowAfterlife/status/568718265473757184 and plugged it into Spelunky SD, marking a feature set sufficient for the quite-so-delayed release. Otherwise I've made two GameMaker examples (pushed to Patreon already), done small and slow amount of contract work, and made an thing that should help out ones that use GameMaker: Studio to create HTML5 games (more about it soon). I also have ongoing considerations of doing something about this page, as am lately unable to dedicate enough time to maintaining it. Decisions are hard. I think that's it of February.