February Keys Added + Poll Results!
Hi everyone! Asset keys for February have been added, and I'm happy to announce that this is the LAST asset key announcement!

Last month, I polled you on what you thought of a new asset unlocking system, and the results are in!

With 75% of the vote, we will be moving to a new system of unlocking assets next month!

Starting in March, for my $10+ patrons, that means you'll be able to unlock ALL my pixel art assets right away, and for my $5 patrons that means you'll be able to unlock all my pixel art assets that are 1 year old or more. (And that's still a ton of assets!)
Full details on the new reward tiers are at the bottom of this post.

You'll be able to say goodbye to remembering a separate username/password for untiedgames.com, and say hello to convenience and access to tons more of my assets through itch.io!

Now, I'm aware that not everyone said they liked the new system. To make the transition smooth for those of you at the $5 tier or higher, I have maxed out your keys AND star keys this month. So you should have 4 keys and 4 star keys in your inventory, ready to unlock assets! Log in and use 'em! (If you don't remember how to log in to the asset section, please check your messages on Patreon.)

When I'm not working on FUZE, I'm working as hard as I can to prepare all of my assets for the transition to my itch.io asset store. It's a lot of work, but I can promise that there will be some very nice surprises in store for you when they arrive there next month!

Once again, thank you for your support. Seriously. I've been making pixel art on Patreon for about 3 years now, and I wouldn't be doing it without you. With this change, I hope that my Patreon will become significantly more rewarding for you, and I hope that I'm able to expand my Patreon. I want to be able to make more videos, to make more pixel art, and I want to be able to do this forever, because I love doing it. Thank you for helping that happen!

- Will

Full details on new reward tiers, starting in March:

$5 tier: Access all my older assets

  • Download any older pixel art assets (1 year old+) from my store for free!

$10 tier: Access ALL of my assets

  • Download any pixel art assets on my store for free!

$15 tier: All-access + Video credits (limit 10)

  • All of the above, plus your name at the end of my Speed Spriting videos!

$1 / $25 / $50 tiers: Same as current rewards, no change

  • $25 and $50 tiers will include video credits reward + all-asset access