February / March Itinerary
February has been a little harsh on me in Real Life, so the videos are a little delayed.  However, I still have 3 days left in February and I got a Sword of the Stars episode I have been working very hard on.  It should be uploaded to YouTube within 3 days, and I feel it is one of my most refined episodes in the series to date.

In March, I want to focus on my Clang vs the Space Engineer series.  So I plan on doing one First Person Survival Combat episode, one original season remake, and the season three finale.  Also, since it will be spring break, I may get another Senua's Sacrifice out as well.  The Space Engineers episodes take some time, as stage and prop building and programming is required.  I do think that all the necessary things are done, so I will focus to meet these goals.  

Thank you for your support.

-Raymond Blair-