February News!
 It's a new month!  

February's one of my favorite months, to be honest.  It's a nice short month, it's usually buried in snow, it's got Groundhog Day (good for "Yesterday was Tuesday but today is Tuesday too" stories, and up here in the North, sort of a moot point.  Six more weeks of winter?  There's almost always at least two more months of winter after Feb. 2, and our Last Frost Date is in mid-May).  

This year, February also holds Mardi Gras.  Maybe I’ll make a King Cake — I’ve been meaning to do that for a few years.  

It also leaves us with a lot of theme ideas.  Check out the theme poll — here. If you don’t have a Dreamwidth account, you can vote in the comments.  It’ll stay open until this time Thursday. 

Once you’ve voted, may I direct your attention to the Community tab?  Here’s a place where you can leave things that remind you of my worlds, or of me.  

I’m excited about February!  Let’s see what it’s going to look like, this year! 

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