February (or is it March?) Patreon Updates

Hey patrons!

Just like my rent payments, I can never keep track of what to put on the “to” line for my updates here. Is this a March post because it’s coming out on March first, or is it a February post because it’s summing up February? But I can’t get too deep, I guess. After all, I’m still scarred by the community college philosophy class I took. It’s just… it’s a long story, maybe for a later update.

I hope you’ve all been doing well. It’s been a busy time over at Cliffhangers HQ. I feel like that’s been my main update for a while here, but hey, at least it makes me feel (somewhat) accomplished. To clear my head a little and lay things out more simply, here’s a bullet list of things I’m working on lately:

· Creating a website just for my art commissions. This will be an alternative for people to request specific artwork of various kinds from me. It really stood out to me while fulfilling my fall 2016 wizard rock tour’s art level Kickstarter rewards how much I genuinely enjoyed the challenge of creating art to please someone’s vision. It’s exciting, plus it inspires confidence and invokes productivity. So far I’ve signed up for an account on ArtistsnClients.com, and this is my first commission slot that you can purchase: https://artistsnclients.com/slots/13710 it’s my chibi drawings that are the art reward level on here!

· Working on merch. I’ll be creating new Tianna and the Cliffhangers merchandise for summer tour, specifically punk patches, art designs, new business cards, and more. I also may make a new case for my “That’s So Gay” EP, and sell some photograph prints that I’ll display in a flip through case. (Or maybe on a tiny cute bulletin board?)

· Practicing more songs for summer tour. This will include becoming more comfortable with playing the banjo, even if that has to translate to banjolele on the road if only due to size restrictions in the tour van.

· Revising and querying my novel. This will be my 18th time going into and nitpicking my lesbian ballerina novel “Not Your Hero.” My goal is to see this book on the shelves one day, so it’s really important to me to obtain a literary agent – this way I’ll be able to pitch the farthest throw possible as far as the reach of my story, and I think it’s an important one. I’ve queried about 50 agents altogether since beginning the querying process, including 42 just this past week, so if you see me in person with a constant frown, I’m not actually upset. Chances are I’m just thinking about my novel(s).

Other than all that going on in my brain, I’m gearing up for a couple other exciting things. One is making posters for a new fandom meetup club at the library I work at. The teen librarian and I have been brainstorming ways to have this appeal to the max amount of people while also putting discussions on the table each month that aren’t too overwhelming or time consuming. We’re also planning on covering lots of different fandoms, so that can be tricky too. Because we have so many varying types of activities, I think it would be a good idea if we were to expand the age range to 13+, but right now it’s just set to 7th-11th graders. I’m not totally sure how effective this will be, but I really want to pull my weight in getting people to come. It’s just hard with my working in the children’s department which is in the ground floor of the library; I don’t see many people in seventh grade and up. Ahh! It’s difficult to start new things. In addition to that, I’m in now in charge of the library’s brand new Kid’s Gaming program which is on Saturdays and full of game consoles I’ve never even touched before, plus a monthly Preschool Science program and a soon-to-be kids writing workshop. Oh man. I can do it, I can, I can.

It’s like, I know I can, but I also know I don’t have the kind of superhero salary that goes with it. Maybe if I didn’t have to worry so much about making rent each month, or maybe if I could ditch the other job I don’t care about, then things might be more simple. Maybe.

In a week I’ll be on my way to visit my partner in New York, and that’ll be a relief to be with him after months. I definitely feel the need for a break, and I’m getting stir cry in my basement apartment, so: bring on the fresh air, Rochester.

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