February Patreon-supported Raffle
My first official patreon-supported painting is finished! I worked on this during my last few nights. I'm very happy to share it :)

Painting info:

I used dioxazine purple, Ultramarine blue, mars black, and titanium white (and mixes of each). I primarily used a large flat brush with some final details finished with a script brush.

 It is painted on a 10X14 canvas board and finished with a layer of professional gloss finish. There is no hanger or frame included.

Raffle info:

If you'd like to own this, please send me a message within the next two weeks. I am asking $10 plus shipping for adoption. You DO need to be a patron of mine. Every patron  will have an equal chance to win and I will draw the winner by random number generator near the end of the month.