Just a little something to cap off the month. I've been feeling iffy about the alien eyes in my Aloha set and I wanted the option of something a little more... traditional? 

I also made some overlays to go with them, because this month is all about subtleties and variety I guess!

x all ages/genders

x overlays available under facepaint, all skin detail categories, and all tattoo categories (tattoo version is only for teen+)

x eyes available as nondefaults for both human and GTW alien sims, you may keep one or both packages, they don't conflict

x the contact versions of the eyes require the original Aloha contacts to function as they just add new swatches to it - Aloha contacts can be found here 

The colourful overlays all come in my usual rainbow. While they're intended to be used with my Aloha set, most of the overlays will look fine with other eyes as long as the iris is sized the same. They're also all layerable with each other, so you can stack them for some neat effects like duotoned scleras with veins. 

PATRON DOWNLOAD | The download link will release to the public on 3/28/2018, but you can download this now if you pledge $1!