February Priest Tasks
This was an insanely busy priestwork month with three full workshops to plan and run and along with all the other ritual work.  The consent class added a great deal of stress and effort, honestly, but it was important work I know many of the ADF leadership struggled with.  It did set my timetables askew for my work plans. 

Finished Consent Class and created Festival workshop on Consent
Protection and Healing Work for ADF Member
Liasoned with local wiccan group to provide help for funeral
Ran children's activities for Imbolc Ritual
Divination for local community member
book recommendations
Sent in proposal for SIG for Social Justice to the ADF preceptor to be voted on by the Council of Lore
Participated in Rev. Avende's Shrine Along Challenge
Kept the Flame of Hope
Phone call with grove organizer mentee
Pastoral Counseling grove dynamics, ethics
At Convocation:  two convo workshops, two sessions of consent, one kid's ritual, one clergy mentee meeting (was so busy!!!)