February Release Overview

Note: The pictures above are just early previews of what's to come, and will be replaced with the final renders as soon as we have them.

Welcome to the OPR Patreon for February 2021!

3D Printing -  In February we're finishing off the releases of our Robot Legions and Saurians with wave 3. If you missed out on the models from waves 1 and 2 don't worry, because you can still pick them up on MyMiniFactory with a special 70% Discount.

Don't forget that if you join this month you'll also our massive Welcome Pack with 15+ Models, which means that in your first month you get 30+ Models!

2D Printing - We've got a new set of Fantasy Havoc Dwarves coming, as well as our last paper fleet for the Alliance. We're also going to continue our monthly releases of Gangs Wars models, and this month we've got The Brutes for you. On top of that we're also going to be releasing a set of Darkness Within heroes, so that's a total of 4 sets this month!

Early access -  This month we've still got Warfleets: FTL for you, as well as two new chapters of our AoF narrative campaign Darkness Within. On top of that we're also working on an overhaul of Arena Season 3, and as well as a new early access game: Sellswords!

Then there's a lot more stuff too, like all of the Full Rulebooks, Point Calculators, Warband Creators, Weekly Updates and Exclusive Discord Channels, so it's going to be yet another great month for all of our patrons!

Here's a full list of everything you get this month:

3D Print for February (18 models):

  • Saurians - Frog-Mage x1
  • Saurians - Guardians x5
  • Saurians - Ankylosaurus x1
  • Robots - Annihilator Overseer x1
  • Robots - Flesh-Eaters x5
  • Robots - Annihilators x3
  • Extra Model by Warploque Miniatures x1
  • Extra Model by Dragon Trapper's Lodge x1

3D Print Welcome Pack (18 models):

  • Battle Brothers Heroes x2
  • Battle Brothers Troops x10
  • Ratmen Heroes x3
  • Beastmen Heroes x3
  • Play Tokens & Ruler x16
  • Simple Bases (Round & Square) x18
  • 70% Discount Code for MyMiniFactory

2D Print Rewards:

  • Darkness Within Heroes (2 Colors + PSD)
  • Havoc Dwarves Army (2 Colors + PSD)
  • The Brutes Gang (2 Colors + PSD)
  • Alliance Fleet (2 Colors + PSD)

Early Access Rewards:

  • Sellswords
  • Warfleets: FTL
  • AoF - Darkness Within
  • GF: Arena - Season 3
  • AoF: Arena - Season 3
  • Arena Warband Creators

Full Rulebook Rewards:

  • Grimdark Future
  • Grimdark Future: Firefight
  • Age of Fantasy
  • Age of Fantasy: Skirmish
  • Age of Fantasy: Regiments

Point Calculator Rewards:

  • GF + GFF Point Calculator
  • AoF + AoFS + AoFR Point Calculator
  • Army Creation Templates
  • Online Point Calculator (beta)

General Rewards:

  • Patrons-Only Channels on Discord
  • Weekly Development Updates


- Gaetano

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