February Donation Report
There were not any online sales the month of February, however I attended a local event where 2 books sold so a donation of $6 will be sent to the children's literacy charity, Kids Need To Read. 

KNTR also had event sales of the patronage coloring book, which they can buy at cost, so that's money for their programs as well. 

Regarding the second book ... the front cover has been shared with all patrons and the Executive Director of KNTR, and clean up of the interior pages is in progress. 

Thank you kindly,

The Art of John R. Neill, Volume 1, features images from the novel Ozma of Oz, written by L. Frank Baum, and is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble .  For anyone living outside the US, you can order from Book Depository for free shipping worldwide.

To see all of the pages within the book, please visit the Vintage Coloring website where you can also download a free coloring page that is not included in the book.