February Rewards and Plans for March
February was an AMAZING month! The FE Book was finally released, (and appears to have been well received,) a new short story comic was shared, and the goal of having over $450 pledged by the end of the month was met! Because this goal was met, everyone will receive a PDF copy of Crumbling Cookies next week after the pledges are completed, regardless of the amount pledged! To avoid making Google flag me for spam like last time, I'll be uploading the comic to a third party server where patrons can download the comic from - similar to how the wallpapers are provided. I'll be printing/shipping the ashcan copies of Crumbing Cookies afterwards those who've pledged $15+ for February. Those who've pledged $25+ also receive an original page of the comic with their Ashcan copy, so if there's a specific page you want be sure to request it - requests are first come, first serve. For those who are new to Patreon, payment for your pledge will go through sometime between the 1st -3rd of March, so make sure your card/billing information is complete and accurate. If there are issues with your payment being processed, let me know so we can discuss alternative options to make sure you still get your rewards. March is going to be a lot of fun ~ Earlier this month I asked for questions to be submitted, and you guys came through with some really great ones! Each week, one of the FE girls will be interviewed with these and other questions revealing opinions and secrets about themselves - starting with Cat in the first week. These interviews will be patron-exclusive, so if you know a friend who loves learning people's secrets let them know! And as always, you guys are awesome! Thanks for all your time and support, and the opportunity to create stories and projects that otherwise may not have happened. I hope you'll continue enjoying the content posted here - I'm looking forward to drawing more stuff for you guys! :D