February rewards overview
Thanks for you support this month! Your reward links will be sent to you tomorrow via Patron Message. Here's an overview:

Tier 1 | $1

  • Lich King mobile wallpaper + Twitter banner

Tier 2 | $3

  • Lich King desktop wallpaper (1920px)

Tier 3 | $5

  • Lich King desktop wallpaper (2560px)
  • Poison Ivy desktop wallpaper (2560px)
  • 3 art studies
  • I doodled one request this month (for Alvilda). Aiming to do a livestream later this week and add the avatars to your rewards folder!

Tier 4 | $7

  • Tutorial: Draw accurately from reference (3 videos + written companion, raw PSD, process steps + tips)
  • Brushes: for eye lashes / ambient occlusion and to blend the iris.
  • Process steps: Poison Ivy + Portrait study

Tier 5 | $10

  • Tutorial: Feather wings (PSD, steps, gradients, 6 pose references, video) + 2 mini tutorials: gradient maps, and color balance highlights/shadows separately.
  • Tutorial: Draw accurately from reference (PSD, 3 videos, steps, written companion, extra tips)
  • Tutorial: Eyes (3 PSD's, 3 videos, 3 steps, 1 gif, 2 brushes)
  • Process: Lich King (video, PSD, references), Poison Ivy (gif, video, PSD, steps), Portrait (PSD, steps)

Tier 6 | $15

  • Digital art: Signed hi-res PNG-file of the Lich King for homeprinting.

Tier 7 | $25

  • Prints: Lich King, Submerged and Kaldorei, Children of the Stars.

Tier 8 | $50

So far I've finished 6 custom sketches but will post them all tomorrow once I finish the remaining ones! :)

Next month (March):

  • How to turn your sketch into rendered art (starting with values)
  • Brush economy and edge control. Also going over custom brush settings! And of course including some new custom brushes :)
  • 1 Step by step tutorial (one of these two things I'd to improve: necks or hands?)
  • Wallpaper: heaven or hell? Poll will be posted soon...
  • $25+ patrons will get the poison ivy bookmark and a print of the wallpaper.