February Roadmap

I think that January went very well.  The Discord channel has hit a lively 26 (feel free to join us!) and I lost no patrons, though it looks like the views of the month are down a bit.  I hit every one of my goals, including some pretty extensive writing, so I think we can keep going like this, at least for now.  If I had any complaints, it would be that I let myself tackle projects that were far too big for what I had promised, which derailed what I was supposed to be working on, namely tech.  I'm sure it'll never happen again.  The discord chat was a flop too.  It might be that people don't especially need a chat time, but it might also be the time, so I'm going to try trading my morning for my evening and stay up later to make myself more available.  You can see the new times there in the general description.

Otherwise, I'd like to keep things as they are.  We'll do another poll (yes, another. How much do you love voting?) on the patreon topics next month!  This time,  hopefully, the poll will match the text.  I'll see what I can do about getting back to technology as well.