February Newsletter: Sketch Cards!

Hi, everyone! A new month is here, so it's newsletter time.

First, a recap of the last few weeks.

We recently wrapped the Grumpy NPC chapter. It gave me the opportunity to further establish Kendra as a bit of a loner, while also exploring some ideas about artificial intelligence in games. And also be a little silly. :D

I've also started a new chapter called The Belly Button Exploit. The cats are back, advising Lisa out of game while evil robots invade in game.

My own ongoing IRL meta game is all about getting 3 comics a week written, sketched, finished, and posted. I can get those things done reasonably well if I plan and stay ahead of the game. So I'm always thinking about building my buffer of comics. I truly hate having to scramble at the last minute. It stresses me out and doesn't give me time to revise.

So here's my buffer report:

Comics written: 12

Comics thumbed: 5

Comics sketched: 5

Comics inked: 5

Comics colored and finished: 1 (tomorrow's comic!)

My goal is to get 4 comics done a week. Since I publish 3 a week, that allows me to build up a buffer without taking up all of my time.

I was able to get this done every week in 2016 until last week. A big project at my animation job needed me to work on the weekend and a couple of late nights. The only reason I was able to publish comics this week is my buffer. So I started back at level one this weekend. I don't know if I'll ever win the game.

Hey guess what - it's NPC Comic's birthday month! For the third year in a row, I'm sending out sketch cards to celebrate. If you're a patron at the $5 level during this month, I'll send you an original sketch card in March once payments go through. Even if you're outside of the US. It's a good way for me to practice drawing and inking on paper, since I usually draw digitally, and an opportunity for me to show thanks for your support. 

If you have any questions or suggestions for the Patreon feed, please let me know!