February supported! + Some Plans and suggestions?
All pledged for February have gone through! Again, thank you everyone so much for your continuous support ! Sketch request forms will be up shortly, and passwords for these month's posts on the behind the scenes blog will be made soon.

Now, there are some plans I've been thinking about on doing on Patreon.

For one, I thought about reforming the current rewards (The tiers from 25$ to 30$ will remain the same for most part though, so no worries for anyone who's in that tier.)

I was thinking about ranking up the current 2$ tier to about 5$ and perhaps include a higher tier reward than 50$ where you can perhaps request for a big group picture sketch request or a full color request/commission. 

I'm thinking about what to do with the current 10$ reward as I'm not kicking out enough concepts and 'behind-the-scenes' stuff as of late and don't really know what else to post aside of character design sketches and other sorts of concept sketches, and updated builds of my visual novel project but those don't come that frequently. My thoughts were to perhaps post more things aside of just character designs and concept sketches from my original projects, such as include character designs for other things I do on the side or perhaps include something else into the 10$ reward.  Such as like concept sketches for more elaborate drawings, extra concept art for fan AUs and the like maybe? 

What would you suggest on this? Feel free to suggest anything!