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February Update
What was I up to this month?

First of all there was the 3rd article in the Dev Diary series. I hoped to also publish the 4th one, but it's taking much longer than anticipated to actually DO the things I am supposed to do at this stage. But it's coming along, bit by bit.

A lot of time went into the development of the Unnamed Fantasy PbtA game, which for now I am jokingly anointing as Advanced Dungeon World Next 2 or just ADWN2. It is now less a bundle of notes and more a readable manual.
Here is the current index:

The Basics
What is ADWN2
- Why to play this game
- Timeline of Play

Fundamental Mechanics
- Classes
- Moves
- - Undescribed Moves
- - Unintentional Moves
- - Ambiguous Moves
- Spotlight Management
- - Free & Clear Phase
- - Resolving Actions
- Difficulty
- Rolling Dice
- - Adv & Disadv
- Stats
- Equipment and Stuff
- Harm and Healing
- Character Improvement

Protagonist Creation
Name and Look
- Race & Power Balance
- Fellowship Drive
- Personal Drive
- - Key of Race
- - Key of Fellowship
- - Key of Conviction
- Key Growth
- Experience and Level Up
Introduce Yourselves

Game Systems
Fictional Harm System
- Harm Adjudication
- - Harm Modifiers
- Hardiness & Healing
- - Unmarking Harm
- Harm and Groups
- - Size Matters

This is the revised stuff. The list of Moves and Classes is still as it was last month. My focus now is on the Game Master section... I'm trying to deconstruct and rebuild everything from scratch: Agenda, Principles, Hard Moves, etc.
Here my intent is to move away from the jumble of suggestions, guidelines and "you should" that has become so common these days, and distill it into something more concise and practical.
AW2 is again a good starting point, offering here and there very good tools for the GM, but I find there is still much work to do in order to support my personal vision of the game.

Testing wise, the current ADWN2 rules are being put on the table by a group of brave blind testers. A sincere thanks to Simone, Giulia and Saverio!
I'm also organizing a new local group specifically for the purpose of testing this game; so expect more info and actual plays in the coming months ;-)

That's all for now. See you all next month!