February Pachacuti Update
Hello Patrons!

There are still a few days left to February, but the brunt of the month is behind us, meaning it's time to recount what happened.

In short: lots of animation! I'm currently cleaning the animations for the acrobat (read: fixing size issues, redoing some parts of motion, and lining the end result). I'm currently halfway through her movet, which according to the planning, is right on schedule. 1 month down, 7 to go, then! (that's if I manage to keep up the pace: 2 months for each character's lining process, then 2 month for color for each character).

It's all here: https://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=58329.msg1318798#msg1318798

There's also some measure of progress on the game itself: I've been experimenting with some level design ideas, though most of the levels won't be truly representative of the game flow until enemies are fully in, as their behavior should affect both characters and your overall preferred approach to any situation. However, that doesn't account for bugfixes, for which there are many, most notably regarding combat: enemies can now be fought simultaneously, and most importantly, all sent flying at once, which is super satisfying :-D

That's it for this month - next month should be more of the same (ie: animation), so hope you're ready!

As for the above illustration, if you hadn't seen it already, it's the result of a twitter conversation with Idle Birch, makers of the game Chronicles of Pow :-D

Until next time, which could be tomorrow for those of you joining the livestream!

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