February Storyline Updates!
 So we have a number of things happening across the channel and they are for the most part exciting! We have february vacation coming up in the states and it could involve a move back to the Greater Boston area, which could have some downtime occurring for us. Outside of that we have launched our two newest shows Ashes of Shroudvale and Module Mashup! With the main storylines of Penrith coming to a head let’s look into some of the major points of the massive campaign.


Corrupted Divine (Heralds of Darkness)

After the siege of Orcus in the temple district the gods have taken notice and they have begun to purify the land from further assault in terms of divine assistance. The casualties high and the sacrifices have been mounted the death of the god Heironeous has bought them time as Orcus licks his wounds and plots further against those in the cities and the higher planes.

A Book Burned

  • A choice style one shot as the party will have multiple options on how to acquire a map. They can go covert with stealth, lower their heads as they charge the front doors, or use their social charm in trying to gain the key piece to find the needed key to the book.

Orcus a Villain Revealed

  • With him showing but a small amount of his power felling the old party and a number of the members of the Nost, there is no more question of his involvement. The story path will lead the group in search of information and into the cults and hidden worship of his power.

The Fall of Heironeous

  • As a valiant last sacrifice of his powers he cut down Orcus sending him back into the Abyss where he belongs. He may have bought the party time but the severity of his void will soon be felt.

The Final Mentor

  • Unable to come to his parties aid, Jalthal will return and his last job on this earth will be to make sure this party succeeds no matter what.

Irt Atoll

Many things have really happened over the past month within the Atoll. The assassination of a Ambassador, the attempted execution of an Adventurer, and the civil war which has broken out.

For The Guild

  • Adventurers may choose to side with the thieves guild in the war to further the guilds plans on the Atoll and their reaches farther than they could have planned for.

For the Resistance

  • The resistance has attempted to make contact with the adventurers, they wish to end the injustice they have witnessed on the atoll.

For the Atoll

  • The current government is struggling to hold the island, they have sent word to the city in hopes of reinforcements to keep the power in place.

Mithral Lost

  • Shipments have gone missing from Hofsa, the local merchants are paying well for recovering the shipments. 

Welcome to Yedria

FInally unlocked only a few nights ago, we will see possibly the first glimpse of life on the Continent where the wilds are very much out to get the common man. Look forward to a brand new chapter in the world.

We have trimmed the fat on some of the extra story lines and moving more towards bounties and one shots so that we can remove some of the extra stress felt by the players. So look for more odd jobs for the adventurers.

Legacy of Fate

We have both groups currently assaulting the tower, this arc will generally should take us through the month with both groups being set back free into the world. Where each of these groups go will really depends on them so the end of the month the possibilities are limitless.