February Personalized Video!
Full body dance-a-thon this month ;)

copyright free version (no music): https://youtu.be/dB756w39pQ4

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Kitten Krewe
$2 or more per month
THANK YOU for enjoying and supporting my work!  Every bit is appreciated ^_^

For this donation, you will receive early access to finished works and select posts on my exclusive Patreon feed!  

Cat Chat
$5 or more per month
 Access to my full exclusive Patreon feed including many work-in-progress photos

Plus entrance to my Patreon-only Telegram chat group! Chat with me and other patrons and see more of what is happening right meow :D

Early Bird
$10 or more per month
As an Early Bird, you receive FIRST DIBS ON SALES!

Everything that I sell outright (ie excluding public auctions) will be offered to you first. Head bases/molds/fur/fursuits/etc.

In addition to this, you will receive access to my high-quality fursuit photoshoot gallery.

 (you also receive all prior tier perks) 

Work-In-Progress Chat & Videos
$15 or more per month
Receive entrance to my Work-In-Progress Telegram Chat!

This extra special chat is where we can share all of our work photos and videos. This is a safe space where sharing your work for critique and helping others with their creations (fursuit and otherwise) is highly encouraged!

I will share extra photos and videos directly to this chat discussing in more detail what I am working on and how it is made.

(you also receive all prior tier perk including Cat Chat)

Cat Collector
$55 or more per month
As my biggest fans, twice a year, (on Christmas and your birthday) I will send you a special gift package

I will put together something nice and send it to you to be opened and enjoyed. The more information you give me, the more personalized I can make it!

When you sign up, please send me your preferred birthdate

 as well as tell me a bit about you! I can give handmade and locally bought items, personally sewn items, fursuit accessories, photographs and much more.

(3 month minimum pledge needed before I can send the first gift)

(you also receive entrance into my work and/or general Telegram chats)

Gold Circle
$100 or more per month
Be the FIRST to be notified when I have a new fursuit commission opening! 

I cannot overstate how awesome this is - Even though I am closed to new projects, you have a GUARANTEED spot in my waiting list!

(Priority within this tier will be given to the patron with the highest lifetime patreon support accrued through ANY tier but you'll have to be a member of this tier when I have a slot available in order to be accepted for a commission)

(you also receive entrance into my Telegram chats. You do not receive the Cat Collector gift perk)

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