February votes are in (and a bonus question)
So the votes are in and it's clear that people want to see owlbears of all shapes, sizes, and environments. If I said that I didn't expect that to win, I would be lying. For those of you hoping and voting for something else, don't worry, all the options will be back again another month. And if we get up to the next milestone, I'll be able to do more work per month with one longer effort like I've been doing so far and a smaller one as well. Now on to your bonus question. Long time patrons might have noticed that I haven't posted adventures as an option at any point so far. The reason I've not done so is because I didn't know how much people would like them, especially given that I can't tie them in to any particular setting (unless I make a homebrew setting). They would also, by necessity, be relatively short to fit into the constraints of capsule content. So, the question is do you want to see short adventures being offered as options each month for voting?
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