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February Week 3 at DGC
The snow just keeps on coming here in the Boston area. We're now tied with the second snowiest winter on record for the city...and it's only mid-February, and almost all of this snow has fallen in the past 30 days. A lot of it is inconvenient, like snowplows trapping our cars under giant banks of snow, and some of it expensive, like ice dams creating leaks in our ceilings that are going to require repairs in the spring, and some of it is downright dangerous--71 buildings in Boston have had their roofs collapse so far, but our house, which was built in 1887 and has a rather steep slate roof so far is doing fine. Except for the aforementioned ceiling leaks. We'll get through it as long as the electricity and Internet stays on! Assuming that it does, Thursday's post will go live in about five hours, and of course Tuesday's is already there for your reading pleasure. And this weekend I plan to post all the fanworks collected so far! I'm so stunned, pleased, and amazed by the creativity and talent displayed. I'm not sure exactly when I'll be putting the posts live: it partly depends on another deadline I have breathing down my neck. But look for them to appear soon on the DGC website and when they do, please show the creators some love in the form of comments. :-) Tuesday's post: "All Mixed Up": Thursday's post (coming at 10am eastern): "3AM Eternal": Happy reading! Cecilia
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