February's (belated) One-Page RPG - Vermin Gods
Hey folks,

Sorry this one is a bit late - with the drive to finish off Legacy 2, this didn't end up getting finished in time to be released in February. 

In Vermin Gods, most of the players are tiny divinities of unpalatable concepts, scrabbling for worship in the fringes of society. One player - The Channeller - is a mortal with the rare ability to communicate directly with the gods and channel their power into miracles. The Channeller takes the traditional GM role - setting scenes, pacing story, etc - but is the only one able to take direct action in the setting. The gods are reliant on the Channeller to tell them what's going on, but they have abilities to define the world with divine truths and lay down powerful blessings and curses. It's a bit of an inversion of the standard GM/Player responsibilities, and I'm very interested in seeing how well it works!

Also,  I thought I'd use this opportunity to check in with you folks and see how it's going. This is the 11th one-page RPG made with this Patreon, and as we're coming up to a year of them it may be time to assess what you'd like to see more of:

  • More one-pagers? 
  • More content for my bigger RPGs - playbooks, adventures etc?
  • More insights into in-development RPGs?

Let me know in the comments below!

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