February's Story--No Hearts, Just Killers
Hey guys!

Here's the new story! I hope you enjoy it. I've been working on this one since last March and I almost didn't finish it. I psyched myself out, because it's such a different genre for me, so I set it aside for a while.

But I loved the setting and didn't want to give it up. Plus, though I have never written a crime/mystery story, I love, love watching the Scandinavian influenced crime procedurals, like Wallander, Hinterland, River, Broadchurch, and Shetland. 

Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments. 

I've been loving Book Funnel, as opposed to uploading the files here. So click here to go grab your copy. This link is set to expire on March 16 and will only allow for 10 copies. If something happens and you don't get your copy, just shoot me a message. 


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