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February's Video: "Matt Hyland" Is Now Public
Dear All Patrons,

I just made public the video for February: "Matt Hyland, a Traditional Ballad on Celtic Harp." I'd had the idea for putting illustrations to a song for years now, and Patreon patrons finally motivated me to breathe life into the idea. I hope you like it! It's mostly likely from Ireland or Scotland, but unlike most traditional Celtic songs, this one is actually happy, so it's a rare find! 

Actually, I originally was going to try to do something this month with a "green screen," which is a way to create special effects like miniaturizing people and making them into fairies or elves, but I spent so much time researching how to do this, what kind of green screen kit is affordable but actually works well, what software to use, and how to actually do this, that I knew I would have to spread the work out over a longer timeframe. I'll be sending out news about my "green screen" to you.  But for February's video, I followed up on the story illustrations to music idea that I've also had on the back burner for a long time. 

My birthday is coming up at the end of the month, and all of you have already given me a fabulous gift by being my patrons, but if you want to do something else, you could share my videos and/or Patreon site with others you think might like my music. My YouTube channel is only a few thousand views away from reaching 100,000 total views and it would be amazing to reach that by my bday (2/28). It's really helpful to increase your view count because then your videos start to appear in the search engine results when people do searches in YouTube, so that you start to appear on the radar.

Thank  you and warmest wishes!


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