February's Words
Hello Patrons, 

First, Happy February.  Thank you for your pledges and support of my channel.  It means a lot.  I just got back from PAX South last night and it's great for many things. Networking with others, meeting fans, seeing what's coming up and talking to game developers.  I personally find it a great time to "think".  

There is something about being injected in geek/twitch culture that gets the creative juices flowing, but beyond that, the existential ones as well.  I thought about my channel, the direction it's going and who plays a pivotal role in it.  

As I was eating Taco Bell Crunchwraps, I realized that 4 dollars of your support provided them to me and it was one of many of those moments that I really took a second to appreciate exactly what all of you do, stepping forward and providing to help me make my content and my future a reality. 

Thank you.  

Thank you for the food

Thank you for the electricity

Thank you for the internet.  

Thank you for a Dr. Pepper I drink 4 times a month on my night off.

Thank you for your thoughts, support and belief in my content

Thank you for the conversations and chat

Thank you for the lurks and sleeping while keeping the stream open. 

But above all, thank you all for participating in the practice of helping others. 

Keep being awesome,