Feb's Geek Show videos are up!
...and more are on the way!

Typically when we assemble our videos from Geek Shows, we have about 5-6 great highlights to share with everyone. This time around we have a bunch more! Probably around 9-10 videos. We've begun updating our YouTube channel with the videos and assembled them into a handy dandy playlist for you! Click the video in this post and it'll play all of the highlights we've uploaded so far. We'll be adding more clips throughout the next few days as well.

I'd like to thank Keidra, Pat, Carlos, and Mike for being amazing guests! 

  • Check Keidra's work on The Learned Fangirl here.
  • Pat and Carlos's podcast can be found at this link.
  • Mike Hover's show "Secret Origins" is previewing at Second City here!

Have a great Thursday Patronuses!

~ Aaron

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