Good Afternoon!!

Every so often I like to get some opinions and feedback from you lovely people :)

How're you guys finding the tutorials? Is there anything I can implement to make them easier to follow/watch?

For the 10$ + Tier...Are there any particular subjects you'd like me to focus on in-depth for the e-books?

Are there any rewards you guys think would be good to add? I am considering rein-stating my "Facebook Art Group" tier to go hand in hand with the draw with me sessions... This is a complete work in progress at the moment.


From September, I will be featuring 1 wildlife tutorial per month alongside the usual pet/technique tutorials. A lot more variety will come with this!! (I'm so excited!)

While I think about possible patron rewards, Draw With Me will be suspended until I've figured something out.

Any comments or feedback welcome!

Amie xo